Chimney Register/Closure Plate Custom Size

You will be emailed shortly after your purchase please reply to that message with your dimensions A to E as per the attached diagram.
Free postage to UK mainland excluding Aberdeenshire & Scottish highlands/islands.



Made at our factory using CNC machines and laser cutters, ensuring the very best in quality and accuracy!
Constructed from 1.5mm galvanised steel
Cut to your exact dimensions, in any size up to 1175mm X 400mm. Larger and unusual plates can also be supplied – please ask for a quote.
Available with or without fire cement.
We also offer to cut the plate in half for you for free if required for ease of fitting
Please do not be fooled by other suppliers who provide ‘standard’ size plates and then claim that they can be easily trimmed to size. Unless you have specialist machinery you will find it very difficult to ‘trim’ galvanised steel!

Our design incorporates ‘built in brackets’ i.e. the 30mm folded down edges along all four sides, with pre-drilled 5mm holes. This ensures a fast and easy installation directly inside the chimney.

Optional 150mm X 150mm inspection/maintenance/cleaning hatch (please select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ from the options), located to the side of the flue hole. It is closed using a 200mm X 200mm plate, which when turned diagonally fits through the hole and is held in place by its own weight. We use 3mm galvanised steel for increased weight and include a small handle for ease of use. Please note that for smaller plates the hatch size may need to be reduced.

Please provide us with your required measurements from ‘a’ to ‘e’, as per the attached diagram.

Please measure carefully and in mm only. We recommend that you allow at least 5mm clearance on the length and width to allow for discrepancies in your chimney. This gap can then be sealed with your choice of fireproof sealant, cement or rope.

Likewise, the hole for the flue pipe is normally cut slightly larger than the pipe itself to allow for sealing. See below for recommended flue hole sizes.

As a guide, most plates are made with the flue size hole as follows:

  • 4″ FLUE PIPE (100mm) internal measurement for dimension ‘e’ = 109mm (allowing for a finished fit using rope/sealant)
  • 5″ FLUE PIPE (125mm) internal measurement for dimension ‘e’ = 134mm (allowing for a finished fit using rope/sealant)
  • 6″ FLUE PIPE (152mm) internal measurement for dimension ‘e’ = 161mm (allowing for a finished fit using rope/sealant)

Please note that flue sizes vary according to manufactures, please check prior to placing an order.



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