Downlight Guards

Our Downlight Guards are designed to fit over the wiring of your ceiling mounted spotlights inside the loft area protecting the wiring from coming into contact with the loft insulation.

These guards do not need to be fixed into position as the insulation will hold them in place.

  • These Downlight guards are constructed from galvanised steel so will not rust.
  • The Guards are extremely robust and come ready made!
  • Please do not confuse with poor quality ‘flat pack’ guards.
  • Our Guards are both superior in quality and far less expensive!
  • Ready to use – no awkward assembly required!
  • The Downlight Guards are designed to be compliant with Building Regs Part L.
  • They allow loft insulation to be laid unbroken over the whole ceiling area.
  • Providing a protective barrier between the light and insulation, whilst at the same time allowing crucial airflow and ventilation.


Length: 220mm

Width: 220mm

Height: 120mm



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